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If a small enterprise, situated in a rural area in the south of Germany, far away from the next metropolis or from even any major city, decides to call itself “Meier.Germany“, then this refers to a remarkable quality of this company: self-irony.

Maier, Müller, Schulze. The name ‘MEIER’ does not only belong to the most frequent family names in Germany, but there is also a great variety of spelling it: Meyr, Meyer, Maier, Meier, Mayer, Mayr.
Therefore this name usually has to be spelled out to get the correct spelling. A common phrase for explaining MEIER is” capital M and small ‘eier’ (meaning: eggs)”.

This ambiguous explanation of the name was the basis for the development of the enterprise’s logo.

Its elements:
The contour of an egg with a capital M in its very centre, with an invisible baseline in the focus of the construction of the “magic egg”. Behind it, half-concealed a filled egg-form, possibly also the shadow of the “M-egg”.

The first version as a wood- or linocut and the “M” in serif type (Times) exhibits the firm’s preference for natural materials and an affirmation to developing ecological spirit of the 1980s.

The current Meier-Logo is digitally smoothed, the handicraft traces were deleted, the ‘M’ has lost its serifs. Apart from this nothing has been changed.